In chemistry transitions (or phase changes) are the physical processes of transition between a state of a medium, The term is used to refer to changes among the basic states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.

Help the Scientist with his phase changing experiments by adjusting the temperature in the laboratory using the temp slider.

To high temperatures and the liquid will combust to become a gas but to low temperature and the liquid will freeze.

Guide the object through the puzzles by controlling their state of matter and by opening and closing required gates using the buttons.

Good luck and happy sciencing.

Was created for Game Jam Aotearoa 2022 by

Barry Lawnmower & Pet Pumpkin

Background music sourced from


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Very cool! Love science-based games


very good concept and execution!


Thanks for playing :)


Great game! so many levels, and really cool ideas and challenges, took me a few tries, so I was pretty happy when I managed to solve the levels.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you felt good when you managed to solve them, that's the dream I guess :D