Can you help the little peoples achieve their ultimate goal of connection? Can you shake 'em all? Move each hand through various puzzles to reach each other and achieve Handshake nirvana!

Play on Steam!

Handshakes is on Steam! Including Achievements, a Speedrun Leaderboard, Level Selection and some quality of upgrades.

If you've enjoyed Handshakes we'd appreciate a wishlist over on steam :)

Go to Steam!

Supporter Pack

If you've enjoyed our game and you'd like to show your support, consider making the 3€ donation when downloading the game, for 3€ you'll receive the Soundtrack Supporter Pack which includes:

  • Handshakes Theme Song
  • 2 Bonus Tracks (including a sneak peek track from Handshakes: Hands On)
  • All tracks in MP3 & FLAC
  • MIDI files for the musicians out there (share your remixes with us!)
  • Digital Bio & Postmortem PDF [15 Pages] (an insight into us developers and the development of Handshakes)

You can also pick up the supporter pack on Steam if you'd prefer.

We are currently working on an enhanced version with more polish, more mechanics and more levels.

So if you enjoyed the game, and would like to see more, follow one of the developers and you'll be notified once we release the page for the new version! 

If there is anything you'd like to see in Hands On, feel free to leave us a comment, and we'll be sure to forever immortalize you in the game credits if we implement it. :)

Originally Made For

Made for fun for the first ever Lost Relic Games Jam 2022 (10.06 -> 19.06)

🥳🥳 We got top in Game Design and were featured amongst the best in the jam! 🥳🥳


(also visible in game)

(not fully supported in Web)
Left Hand
W / A / S / D
Left Stick / D-Pad
Right Hand
Arrow Keys
Right Stick
Undo Move
Restart Level

* Fullscreen might not work in all browsers (Chrome / Edge / Firefox should be fine).

Made By

Damaskino - Sprites

Trumpetguy - Audio

Pet Pumpkin - Code / Unity / Level Design

Barry Lawnmower - Mobile Port Assistance

Font Credits

Pixelated Pusab
Rainy Hearts

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(348 total ratings)
AuthorsPet Pumpkin, Damaskino, Trumpetguy1.0
Made withFL Studio, Unity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Sokoban, Tilemap, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Handshakes Linux - 43 MB
Handshakes Mac - 38 MB
Handshakes Windows - 29 MB
Handshakes Mobile APK 23 MB
Handshakes Game Jam 109 MB
Handshakes Soundtrack Supporter 138 MB
if you pay 3.00€ EUR or more

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NVM I just got it.


How do you beat level 24? I'm looking at it can can't seem how to figure it out.


this game is amazig. literally made me rip off someones hand so i can shake it



Fun game! Just the right difficulty, not too challenging but still makes you think and enjoy it. 


One thing that might me interesting is a mechanic where when you… uh… sever a player’s arm, the number of moves they have goes down by one.


this game was super fun !! i'm so excited to play the full game, the puzzles and soundtrack were amazing :)


Wow, excellent puzzle design


so fun!!! i like this!!!





Cool :)


i liked it.I can't wait for the full game!




Good job


Is there a 32 bit version of this game?


This game was so fun to play! Very creative and great puzzles, love it!

(1 edit) (+1)

nice and creative

(1 edit) (+2)

No spoliers!!! First 5 levels🫠


great puzzles! really creative and felt challenging without feeling stuck in any of them.

(2 edits) (+2)

Seesaw (I forget what number and the level select didn't seem to work. I want to say 21) & Level 27 need some color coding on the buttons, but otherwise the difficulty was perfect.

Very nice "double take" puzzle design. I love being forced to recontextualize the puzzle after a red herring, although I started to distrust your initial placement after a while and figure out the trick early. Which leads me to my next point:

May I suggest an option to hide level names, since sometimes the name tipped me off to what the red herring would be?

Lastly thank goodness for the undo button. 


Really nice puzzle game, well done guys!



  i like the game pls make more level


no u


Handshakes Walkthrough


Honestly I thought this was going to be stupid when I clicked on it but it's really creative and fun.


same here


Are we allowed to make Youtube videos about this game? Is there any copyright related to the music or art that I need to worry about if I make a video on it? I'm specifically thinking about making a video showing how to beat each level.


Go for it :) no copyrights to worry about

What song is it?


the soundtrack slaps, hard but easy


This game shows that a good game isn't always based on just how fantastic and ground-breaking the concept is, but how it's done ^^

(4 edits) (+3)

Cute game!

There is an issue with your fonts, though... I have a feeling that you might be importing your font via a 3rd party? Might I suggest that you use a font you're legally allowed to embed into your project instead? (Players who are security concious will see block text instead. For reference, see attached image.)

Edit: I previously made a bold claim a little too hastily.


Oh wow that's interesting, I've never seen that before.

The fonts are available as free to use online, are embedded in the project and were originally sourced from The links can be found on the game page. 

how did u do lv15?

The levels have gotten a bit tricky now, so I'm sure you'll only need a hint instead of a solution here.

I'll assume you've already cleared one of the three gates on the right. As soon as you move that box to weigh down a button, there's no real way (nor any need) to move it again; so you must choose which makes most sense. Both character's arms are long enough to do what you need. At least that bottom character won't be needing to move that box.

The hard part is knowing that all three buttons need to be weighted down somehow. You've done the first and can work out the second, but how will you get the third?


If anyone is stuck, or is interested in how to solve all the levels using the fewest moves required (for a better speedrun time), I made video guides for all the levels.


Great game but im stuck on 29

(1 edit) (+3)

Here is a video guide to level 29. (8:12 in video)


im too dumb for this game plus im alone but its a really good game



I hope this email finds you well.

I am from Game Troopers, and I wanted to express our interest in collaborating with you regarding your game, Handshakes.

I think this game has great potential.

We are an indie PC game publisher, and we'd love to know more about it.

Please send me an email at and let's explore this partnership opportunity.


i have a feeling that you are a troll


just realized the game is made for Steam, and since it's on as well, anyone can play it from PC (steam) and mobile (ios and Android) and XBOX (Xbox support I meant) and I like it that way

keep it up with every other game!


so silly. puzzles are more fun and silly, or just really creative, without being overwhelming :3


I love puzzles like this that don't feel frustrating or gimmicky, but are difficult enough to feel accomplished after completing.


Great game and looking forwards to the full release! Level 27 had me stumped for a while. If you're stuck at any point, read the level name, it'll help out a lot.


Wow! This is a very nice game to do whenever you're bored or just looking for a brain tickling game! I know level 9 caught me off guard for sure, Keep up the Good work Pet Pumpkin!


Simple, elegant and fun puzzles that didn't feel frustrating to play. Only ever felt stuck when playing level 15 but that's because I didn't realize you were able to do what one needed to do to complete the puzzle. Great job :)

(6 edits) (+3)

Highly Addictive!

One of the GREATEST wastes of time EVER.
Imagine if people could make level editors to make their own puzzles, so this game could be infinitely playable.


I can't get past level 15


A visual tip for ya :)

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