Can you help the little peoples achieve their ultimate goal of connection? Can you shake 'em all? Move each hand through various puzzles to reach each other and achieve Handshake nirvana!

Update: Enhanced Version in development!

Thanks to everyone who played the game and left a comment so far!

We are currently working on an enhanced edition with more polish, more mechanics and more levels, aiming for a Q4 2022 release on Itch and a Steam release further down the line. 

So if you enjoyed the game, and would like to see more, follow one of the developers and you'll be notified once we release the page for the new version!
If there is anything you'd like to see in the new version, feel free to leave us a comment, and we'll be sure to forever immortalize you in the game credits if we implement it. :)


Left Hand
W / A / S / D
Right Hand
Arrow Keys
Undo Move
Restart Level
Mute / Unmute AudioM
Toggle Fullscreen*
Hide In-Game Control Instructions

* Fullscreen might not work in all browsers (Chrome / Firefox should be fine).
The itch.io fullscreen option is enabled (bottom right of the game), it's not as good as native fullscreen though.

Made By

Damaskino - Sprites

Trumpetguy - Audio

Pet Pumpkin - Code / Unity / Level Design

Made For

Made for fun for the first ever Lost Relic Games Jam 2022 (10.06 -> 19.06)

Font Credits

Pixelated Pusab
Rainy Hearts

Updated 5 days ago
Published 13 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsPet Pumpkin, Damaskino, Trumpetguy1.0
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer


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love it

Nice but werid game (*/ω\*)

very good game

Nice! Cool tunes, fun, clean game. AND I feel smarter! 


Yo this is REALLY good! I loved it.

(2 edits) (+1)


but there are some cursed bugs when pressing the undo button

This is a really gamebreaking bug that allows you to control your hand even when the gates are closed


Thanks for pointing those bugs out! We'll try reproducing those and fixing them. If you have more detailed steps in how you got those let us know. Either way glad you enjoyed the game!


i can explain to you more indepth how to trigger the bug. its not hard to pull off and you can skip very mutch but we should swith to dc or something maybe

No worries, I've looked into it a bit already and think I've found where it stems from. It'll be fixed up in an upcoming update. Thanks for letting us know :)


okay, no problem


its basicly just messing with the undo mechanic and the destroyal of the arms when gates are closed

this was super fun! the idea was cute and the puzzles were at just the right difficulty to challenge someone but not frustrate them!!!

Just beated the whole thing. Really clever design, i like how the level names are hints

A really fun idea for a puzzle game! :D

tjis is fun with two ppl

this was so fun!!! great game!

hey. played your game in jam.

im just curious of something other than the great gameplay.

i pressed 'H' a few times and some parts of the texts appeared and some do not. just wanted to notify you. here are some pictures.

Hey, thanks for playing and letting us know! We'll look into it 👍

I already commented on the Game Jam submission page but DAMN! This game is so much fun and has A LOT of potential with introducing new mechanics! I'd love to see a further developed version of this on Steam or a Nitrome type website!


This was so fun. I appreciate the gradual spike in difficulty and the pacing of adding new mechanics. The art and music were great, too.


Wow, this game is incredible! The difficulty scaling is just perfect, and I felt so smart after beating the last level!